Audio Visual

State of the art AV facilities

We’ve spared no expense in making sure we can offer you and your event the best AV facilities available.



Our sound system has been thought through by AV professionals so the setup is powerful and diverse.

The Yamaha M7CL ES-48 sound desk with it’s 48 assignable input channels allows the system to be used with bands, orchestras or for an individual podium mic…or any other combination you can think of.

The speakers include xxx and YYY while also having the ability to send the sound to our meeting room.

We’ve also got a full induction loop facility.

Video & Projection


Our vision system is generous in it’s capabilities. Whether you’re presenting a simple keynote presentation or looking for a full video loop back system – we can handle it.

We have an NEC projector that projects on to a 4 meter screen on the back of the stage.

The mixing desk is an Edirol V440HD

We have the ability to have 7 simultaneous camera streams (Cameras will need to be hired in at an additional expense. Check out our suppliers for recommended links)


We have an impressive lighting system capable of creating impressive tones and moods in the main Auditorium. The setup consists of:

  •  Martin Mac 250 Krypton spots
  • 16 x 3watt RGB LED cans
  • 16 x Fresnel heads

All controlled by a Martin Light Jockey computer based DMX control system.

AV Personell

We don’t have in-house staff to run the equipment but we are happy to recommend some great people on our suppliers page.

You can bring in your own people if they are capable and we have cheat sheets for very basic operation.

Need more information? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch